FREE sharing session on Brain Training Tips (20 Aug ’19)

A child under 4 years old functions at GENIUS level.

  • How can you, as a parent, maximise this opportunity to build up his/her cognitive power within the comfort of your own home, without expensive courses and teachers?
  • How do you build up strong cognitive skills from a young age, so that your child has a head start in school later on?
  • How do you establish concrete learning skills that can last them a life time?
  • How can you increase your child’s focusmemory and creativity?

My next sharing session on brain training activities to do at home is coming up! Next Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 12 noon. Sign up HERE now to ensure you have a slot (it’s free, so it gets snatched up rather quickly!)

If unsure what it’s about, read my previous post about the top 10 brain training tips for children.

See you there if you’re available! šŸ™‚

Published by wendysoon

Mother of 3 lovely boys Doctorate in biology and genomics Serial Entrepreneur

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