10 situations that lead people to working from home / working remotely

Influence of developed digital technologies 

Since the Internet and other digital technologies have conquered our lives during the last decade, it has brought about great flexibility as well. Developed information and telecommunication technologies allow people to work remotely, no matter where you are – at the office, at home, in public areas or on a trip. 

It has enabled people to work online and organize things from a distance. Just by having a computer and Internet access, it is now easy to get in touch with a different part of the world. 

In the future, it is predicted that more people will work from home. With office space in London and New York being so expensive, many firms now considering the option of saving money by encouraging their staff to work in their pyjamas. It is beneficial for both parties: the company saves money for office expenses; the employee also does not have to pay for transport and can save the hassle of commuting to and from work everyday. Instead of having to bury their noses in strangers’ armpits on crowded trains, they can work via e- mail, Skype and other virtual networks that have emerged in recent years. 

There are many benefits from home- working, provided it is properly managed.

Here are different situations whereby people will opt to working remotely:

1. Mothers. Years ago, women had a different position in society. They were mainly homemakers, and men were responsible for the earning the bread. Now the times have changed. Not only do women in general want to have their own careers, they want to be financially independent as well. As a result, mothers nowadays with small children will seek different ways to juggle work while still being able to run the household. Working from home gives the best option for them, to work while being able to keep an eye on their children, as well as run errands as and when needed. (more information on how this can be done at a later post)

2. People taking care of the elderly or a sick family member. Sometimes it happens that members of family get sick and somebody has to stay with them at home and take care. Thus, it is useful to be able to work from home once having some flexible time to care for a needy family member. 

3. People living far away from the office. Some professions (accountant, SEO specialist, manager, etc.) allow working from home. This opens up the option of recruiting people who do not necessarily live near the office, thus a large talent pool is created. Employees who do not live near the office can also consider not moving house just for the job, or can avoid long commute hours on a daily basis which can be draining.  

4. Teenagers and students. Usually teenagers are financially dependent on their parents’ support. However, they are constantly looking for new different ways to earn some extra cash. Online surveys, such as Survey Bee, are easy ways for teenagers and students to earn extra pocket money just by sitting in front of their computers in the safety of home.  

5. Disabled people. They usually have difficulties to access the labor market and most of the time cannot physically access the office with ease. However, some of them are still able to work remotely or online, if they do not have any mental or physical disorders. Working remotely gives these people an option to remain financially (or partially) independent. 

6. Professions such as programmer or developer, blogger, web or graphic designer. As computer technologies have affected our lives dramatically, need for specialists who can help with web design, programming has increased significantly. And this trend is only growing, so the need for them does as well. 

7. Freelance writer, photographer, professional video maker, translator. Writing of articles, books, reviews does not necessarily need real presence at the office. These freelancers are able to work anytime and anywhere they want to. Knowledge of foreign languages has always been valuable and useful. In this case again, being a translator might lead to having an optional chance to work from home and anywhere the person wants. 

8. Online tutor/ teacher. Some traditional professions, for example, a teacher, do not need real visual presence anymore. Due to the Internet technologies, it has become easier for many specialists. For example, a teacher, by using Skype, can have an online contact with a student and convey his knowledge of maths, languages, physics, etc. 

9. Home businesses. If a person already has established his own circle of customers through other means, there is an option to move the business home to become a home business. There are also home businesses that just require good internet connections, such as blog shops. 

10. Unemployment can also lead to start working from home. There are different ways how people can start working from home, especially by using the latest Internet technologies. For example, online selling, paid for click sites, participating in focus group can bring some financial benefits even if the person is unemployed officially. 

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