What to Bring in a Hospital Bag

This is always the big question for a increasingly-panicky mom-to-be, as the date of arrival for the little one looms around the corner. In Singapore, most hospitals provide basic necessities in the hotel room plus the goodie bags that come along with the hospital stay with the child’s birth. So most items to be brought along with the hospital bags are good-to-have for entertainment and other purposes.

What to bring:

  1. Going home clothes (do keep in mind that the body will still be similar to its pregnant stage, tummy and all; If planning a C-sect, one piece dress would also be more comfortable around the abdominal wound)
  2. Disposal underwear
  3. Handphone and charger 
  4. Abdominal binder (optional, recommended for c-sect, can also be purchased at hospital)
  5. Comfortable footwear
  6. Car seat for baby (if applicable)
  7. Breast pump, accessories and cleaning tools (if needed. Hospitals may also loan one if urgently needed)
  8. Money / Credit card
  9. Ob-Gyn receipts and other documents for claiming medisave, opening baby bonus account etc (all these can be done at the hospital for your convenience!)
  10. Marriage certificate (so you can register for the baby’s birth certificate immediately at the hospital)

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