65 First Food Ideas

Starting solid food for the baby is a major milestone in his first year. I waited patiently for 6 months before giving him his first solid food (according to WHO, total and exclusive breastfeeding is highly recommended for the first 6 months). There are multiple sources of recommendations as to which foods are best as baby’s first foods – be it low allergenic, soft texture, easily digestible or easy on the palate. Below, I compiled my own list of tried and tested baby foods, based on their availability in Singapore (listed in order of testing). I used the same list for all three of my children!

Despite the earlier foods being low allergenic, I (being a very kiasu parent) still strongly recommend that all parents stick to the 3 day rule of letting baby test out each food to be allergy-free before moving on to the next food. We, after all, want the best for our child. And because of that, we test about 10 new foods per month.

As we progressed, I sometimes tested 2 foods together, if they were both deemed to be very low allergenic, and especially if they are recommended for babies younger than my son (e.g. recommended for 6 months babies, but I was giving it to my son at 10 months). I reason that some babies outgrow their food allergy when they get older, so if my son was already older, the risk of allergic reaction to that particular food was even lower than expected. Of course, testing 2 foods at the same time is not very scientific, because IF anything happens, I wouldn’t know which was the culprit. I would then have to either test each one individually again, or just eliminate both from his diet. With that risk in mind, I only tested 2 foods together if logistically they made sense.

I also indicate below the food group each first food belongs to, so that you can vary the tests to include foods from different food groups, ensuring your little one has a balanced diet most, if not all the time.

6-7 months

  1. White rice (carbohydrates)
  2. Brown rice (carbohydrates)
  3. Wheat (carbohydrates)
  4. Oatmeal (carbohydrates)
  5. Pumpkin (fruit / vegetables)
  6. Apple (fruit / vegetables)
  7. Pear (fruit / vegetables)
  8. Avocado (fruit / vegetables)
  9. Banana (fruit / vegetables)
  10. Spinach (fruit / vegetables)
  11. Threadfin (protein)
  12. Watermelon (fruit / vegetables)
  13. Plum (fruit / vegetables)
  14. Prunes (fruit / vegetables)
  15. Broccoli (fruit / vegetables)
  16. Papaya (fruit / vegetables)
  17. Peach (fruit / vegetables)
  18. Blueberries (fruit / vegetables)
  19. Barley (carbohydrates)

8-9 months

  1. Carrot (fruit / vegetables)
  2. Sweet Potato (fruit / vegetables)
  3. Millet (carbohydrates)
  4. Cauliflower (fruit / vegetables)
  5. Lean Pork (protein)
  6. Salmon (protein)
  7. Peppers / Capsicum (fruit / vegetables)
  8. Potato (fruit / vegetables)
  9. Tofu (protein)
  10. Chicken (protein)
  11. Grape (fruit / vegetables)
  12. Cucumber (fruit / vegetables)
  13. Yam / Taro (carbohydrates)
  14. Apricots (fruit / vegetables)
  15. Persimmon (fruit / vegetables)
  16. Turnip (fruit / vegetables)
  17. Flax seed (carbohydrates)
  18. Pasta (carbohydrates)
  19. Cherries (fruit / vegetables)

10-11 months

  1. Beet  (fruit / vegetables)
  2. Egg Yolk (protein)
  3. Onion (fruit / vegetables)
  4. Couscous (carbohydrates)
  5. Quinoa (carbohydrates)
  6. Cantaloupe (fruit / vegetables)
  7. Honeydew (fruit / vegetables)
  8. Cherries (fruit / vegetables)
  9. Coconut (fruit / vegetables)
  10. Cranberries (fruit / vegetables)
  11. Garlic (fruit / vegetables)
  12. Kale (fruit / vegetables)
  13. Eggplant (fruit / vegetables)

After 12 months

  1. Tomato (fruit / vegetables)
  2. Green beans (fruit / vegetables)
  3. Corn (fruit / vegetables)
  4. Peas (fruit / vegetables)
  5. Beef (protein)
  6. Egg White (protein)
  7. Kiwi (fruit / vegetables)
  8. Strawberries (fruit / vegetables)
  9. Cow’s milk (protein)
  10. Yoghurt (protein)
  11. Cheese (protein)
  12. Mango (fruit / vegetables)
  13. Orange (fruit / vegetables)
  14. Lemon (fruit / vegetables)

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