Step by Step Journey of a C-Section (Day 3)

This was the final full day at the hospital, and it was where I had to make sure I was ready to get discharged the next day. Less of lazing around and more checks so I wouldn’t be at a loss when I go home.

  • By Day 3, I was no longer consistently being monitored for my heart rate and blood pressure. I was officially “ok” from the epidural and other drugs I received during the caesarean. 
  • In the morning, no one came to wipe me down. I guess I was expected to have taken a shower myself already. But it was scary to even think of walking to the toilet, let alone strip myself and get myself all wet! So I shamelessly requested for a nurse to give me a wipe down again. It felt so refreshing after that, without having to go through the daunting process of showering with a raw wound 😛
  • The 9am gynae and pd check ins were fast and smooth. My lovely gynae happily reminded me to start walking today :O
  • And so I did, the way I was instructed. I shifted the bed to full sitting position, and stayed there for a couple of minutes to get my blood flowing well. Then I shifted slightly to the edge of the bed, letting my legs dangle at the side of the bed. I stayed there for a few minutes too, because my legs had to get used to not being on the bed. After that, I called for a nurse. She and my husband stood by and gave slight support as I stood up. Again, paused for a minute or two, then started walking slowly to the toilet. Each step was extremely tiny, and I didn’t move my legs much but rather shuffled them along. I held my breath most of the way. This way, I reached the toilet smoothly and almost painlessly. Using the toilet was tricky too. Since I couldn’t use any abdominal strength, I had to use the hand support to sit down and get up. This is when I finally know which muscles are required to do simple tasks like this! Even turning to get toilet paper was tough, because I couldn’t put stress on the wound by turning my body. 
  • Toilet trips were thus a big adventure the rest of the day – but I made sure I went every 3 hours or less, to prevent urinary tract infections. According to my gynae, I wouldn’t really feel the bladder much because of the surgery, so I just had to time my own toilet breaks. (or toilet adventures). I got better and faster each time I went, and was more used to walking around. I actually felt better getting out of bed more frequently, so I had to agree to all the comments from doctors and friends who repeatedly told me before giving birth that I had to make sure I walked more during my hospital stay in order to speed up the recovery process. The only times I felt pain was when I forgot I was recovering from a surgery, and ended up walking too fast and making movements that were too big. Otherwise, it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. 
  • Besides making sure I could walk, I also made sure I learnt all styles of nursing from the nurses at TMC. Every few feeds, I called for a nurse to teach me a new position of holding my infant, so I could utilize my favorite position when I reached home. All the nurses were very experienced, and helpful in teaching me. I’m glad I made sure I learnt as much as I could from them during my stay (though after reaching home, I actually settled for the cradle position). 
  • Because I was slightly more mobile and independent on Day 3, my husband could also take more time away from me to settle the paperwork – including my son’s birth certificate, and to collect all the special congratulatory gifts from the hospital and the government. I must say, that I was going through a lot while recovering physically, but my husband was also running so many errands that he was probably also exhausted physically in the few days I was resting and trying to recover well and fast. I don’t know what I would have done if my husband wasn’t around with me throughput my stay. 🙂

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